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Living Younger Inside and Out…

If you would like to live younger, you are in the right place. Our specific beauty spa treatments and products reducing the ageing process of the face, body and mind are second to none. Depending on the treatment, product or service you start with, the results can be instant, whilst others can take a few days to kick in. You will be advised and guided according to your needs.

Our range of supplements rewind, recharge and renew the ageing process at cellular level, helping to combat and fight off disease, no matter where you are in the world. We can supply you with our amazing treatment products to suit your needs

How do you know if your Vitamins and Supplements are Working?

We do!

We test and measure their effectiveness – where else can you actually measure the effectiveness of your supplements? Our scanner measures your carotenoid levels in a quick simple non invasive way. It allows us to measure your body’s level of anti-oxidant defense system and develop a strategy to fight the external sources of ageing.

Our services and products, some of which are designed and ACTUALLY work at cellular level for the face, body and inner wellness, fight the ageing process.

We are so confident with our systems they come with a money back Guarantee!

How to Live Younger Consultation

Please leave 60 minutes for your How to Live Younger consultation, including a scan, test and measure of your anti-oxidant levels and a recommended future plan.

Note: should you wish to purchase products to take home during your first visit and follow your plan for a minimum of three months, you will only be charged 50% of the full price of your consultation fee.


Special Prescriptive Facials

Prescriptive Facials to help combat Rosacea, Acne, Eczema, discolouration and dry dehydrated skin types.

50 minute Prescriptive Facial

Treatment package: 4 x 50 minute Prescriptive Facial (Discount available)

Anti Ageing Cellular Lift (AACL)

Anti Ageing Cellular Lift (AACL)

60 minute AACL Facial

Treatment package: 4 x AACL Facial (Discount available)

Treatment package: 8 x AACL Facial (Discount available)

Beauty Spa Treatments
Beauty Spa Treatments
Beauty Spa Treatments

Body Spa Treatments:

Body Smoothing Massage 30 minutes

Cellulite Reduction 30 minutes one area, or 55 minutes for two areas (Discount available)

Lymphatic Drainage 30 minutes

Foot Soul Spa – hot foot treatment to soothe the feet from aches and pains. Up to 45 minutes

Foot Scrub and Polish 30 minutes

Foot Cooling Therapy 30 minutes

Foot Anti-inflammation Therapy 30 minutes

Other Conditions:


Other conditions such as hair loss, hair thinning, Eczema, Psoriasis, weight issues. Please contact us to discuss on a one to one consultation either in person or Skype.

Beauty Spa Treatments
Hair loss treatments

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