Mindfulness in Santorini - May 2017

Rest your mind from its constant mental chatter from your own private, beach-front apartment in beautiful Santorini

Immerse yourself in our Mindfulness retreat designed to soothe your soul

Take a break from your busy, hectic life by joining us for a week of mindfulness practices on the sensational island of Santorini. Imagine beginning your day by stepping onto the breath-taking, volcanic-sand ‘Black Beach’, witnessing the spectacular morning sunrise over the Aegean Sea or simply being still and meditating. Treat yourself to a bliss-filled week of mindful practices, enjoying beach-front living in an ancient, mystical town.Harmonising unique architecture with contemporary amenities, Santorini is one of the most picturesque of the Greek islands: a place for both tranquillity and exploration. Whether you are part of a group, an individual looking for a meaningful break, or someone who does not wish to be away alone, you will be truly welcomed on our retreat. Join us as we immerse ourselves in daily mindfulness, tailored specifically to your personal wellbeing and self-discovery.
Santorini Retreat, Worldwide Retreat, Art & Wellness Retreat

Why join us in Santorini?

Santorini Retreat, Worldwide Retreat, Art & Wellness Retreat
Santorini Retreat, Worldwide Retreat, Art & Wellness Retreat
Our mindfulness retreat is, quite simply, sheer bliss: essential if you are looking for a short, yet beautiful, break away from your everyday life. The retreat is focussed on calming and clearing the mental chatter of our daily existence, away from the stresses and thoughts that clutter our minds. Therefore, your only decision in Santorini will be whether to be still, and simply ‘be’, or whether you wish to explore the incredible island as you develop your inner self.
During your time in Santorini, you will discover how to liven both your left and right brain, restore balance and harmony to your creative mind, and combine both mindfulness and creativity: watching as your wellbeing soars and your soul develops. We take a bespoke, specialised approach to our retreats, providing a dedicated, peaceful space for your learnings. Our methods are modern and clear-to-follow; the experience and teachings are truly profound, yet are accessible, relaxed and fun – ensuring optimal benefit and growth.
By giving yourself – and your soul – the time you need to stop, be still and restore, you will be part of something truly special. Join us in Santorini, and let us show you how to clear time, space and mental chatter through meditation and mindfulness practices. Whether you are seeking relaxation, wishing to learn how to enjoy mindfulness in your life, or are simply drawn to the natural beauty of the Greek islands, you will be truly welcomed and included on retreat with us in Santorini. You will meet some wonderful people, make solid connections, and gather experiences that can change your life.
Santorini Retreat, Worldwide Retreat, Art & Wellness Retreat

What will you explore and nurture whilst on retreat?

The Soul

Mindfulness lies within. To feel it, you must experience it. Mindfulness is a mind-body experience. It is a state of being that allows your mind to go quiet; only then can you truly start to rest your mind from the constant mental chatter, allowing you to enjoy living with greater ease. Mindfulness, coupled with accessing your creativity, can truly widen your life experiences. Our mindfulness practices, dedicated to de-cluttering your mind and soul, take place at a variety of locations across the beautiful, peaceful setting of Santorini.

The Mind

Reducing the mind’s clutter makes space for fresh approaches to your wellbeing, helping you to change the way you think about your daily experiences. Research shows mindfulness can be extremely effective in reducing both stress and anxiety. Your session workshops will be fluid in format, allowing for the natural and responsive changes that enable you to truly go with the ‘flow’. You will be carefully guided, and fully supported, during all of our mindfulness sessions, helping you to continue to develop your inner peace.

The Body

Whilst achieving true mindfulness is the purpose of our retreat, many find an increased self-awareness through the re-focus of their physical being. Yoga classes can be an additional support to the activities on your retreat. These unification of mind and body classes are entirely optional, and organised in addition to your scheduled activities.

Quite simply, this is sheer bliss...

Utterly essential for those looking for a short and yet, beautiful, break away from their every day

Why Santorini?

An island of exceptional beauty, culture and tranquillity, Santorini is the perfect place to feel at peace – experiencing true mindfulness away from the mental chatter of your busy life. Whilst on the retreat, you may choose to simply be still: to mediate and relax, in a tranquil haven of self-discovery. However, should you decide to explore the breath-taking island, there is much to see in Santorini. Visit the world-renowned, spectacular white-washed cubist houses of Fira and Oia, situated only a few minutes from your luxurious apartment. These incredible feats of architecture and imagination will inspire in you peace, awed by their ability to cling to the cliffs above an underwater caldera. As part of your personalised retreat, we can help you time your visit to the cliffs to ensure that you capture the setting of the sun. Enjoy the sensational view over the crystal-clear Aegean Sea as you watch one of the world’s most magnificent, and most photographed, sunsets over the caldera. If you enjoy a spot of shopping, you will delight in the array of opportunities on the island. Santorini is home to many exquisite jewellers, providing stunning polished pieces of lava discovered on the island on which you are staying. However, beyond the shops, there is more to behold. During your time on the retreat, if you wish, you will have the opportunity to explore many different areas of the island. You may choose to visit the ancient ruins of Akrotiri, explore the beautiful red and black beaches, taste the wonderful cuisine, enjoy guilt-free wine, and mingle amongst the friendly local people. Journeys with us around this superb and mystical island will take place in air-conditioned luxury. Our tour vehicle is specifically designed so you can relax whilst you cruise this volcanic paradise, taking in the magnificent scenery and ancient offerings that stunning Santorini has to offer.

Before you join us on our retreat, let us share a little more of the magic of Santorini with you…

How can you join us, and experience mindfulness on our Santorini retreat?

Reservations for May 2017 are now open.

To book your place, complete the application form here and email it to: info@sacredbazaar.co.uk completing your application form does not guarantee acceptance onto the retreat. Please call Diane on 075227 60068 or email your contact phone number to info@sacredbazaar.co.uk and we will call you. We will help you ensure if this retreat is the right fit for you. Payment can be made via our website or direct payment via BACS.


Application Form


Cancellation Policy

What's Included in your 7 night Mindfulness Retreat...

  • Welcome gathering, to enable familiar and meaningful connections with your group
  • Daily meditations (if you have never meditated before, don’t worry: we will teach you how)
  • Daily mindful practices
  • Purposeful walks
  • Equipment for mindful activities
  • Personalised guidance within each session, designed to unfold your personal creativity
  • Seven nights’ beach-front accommodation
  • Breakfast daily
  • Air-conditioned private transfers to the villages of Oia or Fira
  • Opening night welcome dinner, with traditional Greek cuisine
  • Final evening celebratory dinner
  • Five evenings of free time to experience your own chosen restaurants for dinner (option to join group leaders if you prefer not to dine alone).
  • Private return airport transfers to and from Thira Airport.

Optional extras

Optional extra remedial and holistic therapies available during our retreat. These offers will be released when you have secured your place with us.

What will you contribute?

  • Your own lunch and drink expenses
  • The cost of any personal phone calls and services, and souvenir shopping
  • Your roundtrip flights (or boat trips, for those slightly more adventurous!)
  • Insurance: personal, medical and trip cancellation
  • Medical expenses
  • Visa expenses
  • Five evening dinners.

Most importantly, you will bring a sense of willingness: giving yourself permission and freedom to enjoy this magnificent mindfulness retreat.

How much is the cost?

The cost of Santorini 2017 is £769

Please email Diane at dianemitchell@sacredbazaar.co.uk before making payment to ensure that this is the retreat for you.

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