Be in Bali Retreat 2020

In Collaboration:  Sacred Bazaar Retreats & Made to Measure Meditation

Perfect Practice of Peace

10 nights of Mindful Soul Discovery Retreat
To Inspire Awareness, Clarity & Purpose

12th – 22nd September 2018

If you are longing for some time to rest your body, create space and revive peace in your mind, discover soulful purpose in your direction, if you are ready to gain confidence and courage to manifest your dream…then Be In Bali Retreat is for you.

Cost – POA

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Perfect Practice of Peace

10 nights of Mindful Soul Discovery Retreat to Inspire Awareness, Clarity & Purpose

September 2020

If you are longing for some time to rest your body, create space and revive peace in your mind, discover soulful purpose in your direction, if you are ready to gain confidence and courage to manifest your dream…then Be In Bali Retreat is for you.

Arriving at your beach front luxury 5-star retreat resort, instant calm induces the stress melt factor.  Here you now enter a place of total serenity and tranquility. Hearing the sound of the ocean helps your old thoughts start to wash away. You now find yourself in a place where the blink of an eyelid will see your every need is taken care of.

You are here, just for you, no demands or expectations need to be considered and nothing to answer for.

Welcome to Bali Time… a place where you can just be, & Be In Bali. A place where you will discover your soul and a place where time stands still while you unravel and grow.

The depth of life in Bali compliments the simple yet mystical rituals woven into our every action and on purpose reminding us to slow down, pause for renewed thinking and give yourself permission to release the limiting blocks that are no longer needed and take pleasure in the small things in life. The environment you have immersed yourself in here allows you make new friends, forge meaningful relationships and to cultivate new inspiration, a renewed sense of self and depth of renewal  and gratitude like never before.

Sounds Divine – sign me up!

Need some time and space to get clear on the direction of your life and dreams?

Bali time is like no other. Here you feel as though the clock has stopped, so you can breathe deeper and easier.

You can take life at a slower pace so you’ll find all the space you need to step into your own trust  and reconnect with your divine awareness on a level deeper than you ever knew existed. You will reconnect with your hearts desires and design an exciting new direction for your life from your heart’s desire while we assist and hold the space for you.

Does your “To-Do List” clearly spell out  overwhelmed?

3You will learn techniques to calm the anxious mind and give you the confidence and energy you need to break old patterns and accomplish your next stage in life.

Do you want to be ‘unhinged’ from the negative thoughts playing in your mind and outdated beliefs?

Here you will experience release from this in daily activities, which will retrain the mind to no longer be attached to such thinking.

Would you like a regular meditation practice but your mind races a million miles a minute every time you sit down to meditate – you just cannot get grounded?

We will share specific yet varied meditation techniques daily that you will be able to take home and easily make a part of your daily life.

Do you long to be heard, stand in your truth, speak up and share your ideas and dreams with others? 

Our retreat sharing circles create trust, bonds and your opportunity to explore sharing, gain insight and support from your fellow leaders & retreaters.

Do you have a creativity within that wants to come out to play?

Allow our heartfelt style of Qi gong and guided visualizations all presented in stunning beachfront gardens help release the unwanted attachments, inspire your creative genius within so that by the end of the retreat you will feel free to fly.

Do you often feel disconnected from yourself and others, wishing you could relax and be more at ease and trust in the flow of lift?

You will receive practical tools for cultivating connection and mindfulness in your everyday life. Share your time among like-minded people, form deep connections and friendships that you can take back with you into your daily life. In a safe environment where you will be heard and respected, we will share an abundance of empowering rituals with you, all of them designed to help you find your voice, reconnect you with your soul, and give you the confidence and strength to express and live the life you desire on your terms.

Is there sometimes voice in your head that tells you that you are not good enough or an invisible wall holding you back from what you want for your life?

During your Be in Bali retreat, you will be given the opportunity to indulge further into rewriting the software of your mind in a private setting one – one.  You will be shown easy & simple techniques you can use on your return home. You will have the unique opportunity to visit your past lives, and personalised meditations. You will visit  sacred waterfalls and wash away the old habits and thought patterns that have been standing in the way of you fully expressing your magnificence.

If you want your life to slow down, so you can catch up – then this is the retreat for you.

You will be whisked away on days out to take in the magnificent scenery of this beautiful Island we call Bali. You will see waterfalls, visit Ubud, and meditate among sacred temples and indulge in beach dining.  You will experience parts of the island which will reside in your soul forever.


By the end of this retreat, you will have released old limitations, reconnected with your true renewed self. Able to follow your own inner compass knowing you are on the right path of your life’s direction with all the confidence you need.


  • You know you deserve a few days of being pampered and nourished inside and out enjoying delicious healthy meals, daily Qi gong, Holistic therapies, pool swims, temple time and our own private excursions
  • You are ready to grow beyond what has been holding you back – that invisible wall will dissolve. You are ready to gain clarity on your direction and dreams and know this retreat will give you the time and space you need to inspire and reignite your life
  • Spending 10 nights in a tropical paradise will give you the much needed recharge you are longing for
  • Your physical and emotional health are important to you and you would like to gain more flexibility in your body and mind

Be In Bali is what I need … sign me up!

This restful five-star absolute beachfront retreat set within a serene tropical landscape. Ideally located on a huge eleven hectares of beautiful landscaped property, floating restaurant, temples, spa treatments and Balinese dance experiences directly on the Indian Ocean.  All this is only a fifteen minute private collection and distance from the airport, so no long journey after your inbound flight.  Total tropical seclusion and security!  This dream resort awaits you.

Feast your eyes on the lush green foliage of the resorts gardens. Be intoxicated by the smell of the frangipani and ylang-ylang flowers and Jasmine in the night breeze.

No traffic, no one demanding your time, the only noise is the sound of the ocean and the many birds which live in the gardens.

This is your own slice of paradise where you can immerse yourself in Be In Bali. You will know that the comfort of easy private transfers with our driver who will be ready to collect you from the airport to your 5-star resort could deliver you to paradise in minutes.  

You will experience Bali 5 star and its true authentic Balinese lifestyle, culture and tradition to enhance your experience which will reach your soul.

Spend every morning watching the sun rise over the shimmering ocean as we meditate and engage in Qi Gong. With sun-lounges looking out to the ocean, day beds, luxury pool areas, private gardens and only to blink an eye to have star service ready to attend to your needs. Relaxation is effortless. The afternoons will commence your spiritual quest with live workshops to ease into after a relaxation of long lunches. The evenings are spent soaking up the spectacular rich sunsets while enjoying candlelit dinners.

Our retreat leaders are available to share dinner with those times where you can choose to do as you feel the Bali time takes you.

Bali here I come … sign me up!


Tantalize your taste buds with all the flavors of traditional Balinese cooking. Feast your eyes on the amazingly colourful and vibrant tropical fruits that make every meal feel like  you are eating a rainbow.

The meals are lovingly prepared by the staff and you can taste this in every nurturing and nourishing mouthful of freshly prepared and cooked cuisine.

Want to get your taste buds talking? Imagine biting into delicious fresh and fragrant rice paper rolls, dragon-fruit salad, Jackfruit chicken sambal and vegetables cooked in banana leaves.  And for desert…..Balinese traditions.

Yum…Sounds delicious Book me in!
If you have special dietary needs – simply let us know and we will take care of it!


So what can you expect from 10 nights in your slice of Bali Paradise?

What would it feel like to come away from a nourishing retreat of reaching into your soul and reconnecting with your heart space and learning to love yourself on a whole new level?

What if this soul journey inspired you so much that you made those changes you’ve been longing to make?

Imagine coming home with a renewed zest for life and a feeling so positive about what you want to achieve from here on.

Let us support you through your journey of growth and transformation and help you reach into your soul and heart space where you will discover your own love that awaits you.

  • Daily meditations, workshops and rituals based on cultivating mindful changes for your life, gaining clarity, purpose and connecting to your soul at a deeper level
  • Daily Qi gong, build your new life plan, fully supported and working with what suits your unique inner energy system – your driver
  • Journey of discovery to sacred temples, exotic places of interest, paddy field dining, waterfalls, where you can stand under its powerful waters and wash away old patterns of beliefs
  • Journey through villages, dine beach front and a spot of shopping too
  • Come away with tools for achieving your dreams
  • Take home a meditation practice that you can easily integrate into your daily life

Leave your shoes and your cares at the door…and step into a brand new YOU!

Wow I need all of this…Book me in!


A typical day in Bali Paradise…

Wake to the sound of the birds and the gentle waves tumbling on beach. Then wander down to the water’s edge to be inspired by the colourful sunrise before you enjoy a mindful meditation practice.

Then it is off to share a smorgasbord of delicious selection of international cuisine to set you up for the morning ahead…. And that just breakfast. Daily Qi gong that will leave you feeling fabulously centered, balanced and calm

After shower and a mini relax time, the next couple of hours will see you engaging in mindful tools to raise your awareness on how you can best cultivate space between those thoughts. We may have a dip in the pool in between mindful exercises to maintain body temperature and just because we can. This is your luxury retreat. As experienced facilitators, we are constantly mindful of the ebb and flow of energies within the group and can weave activities to match the flow of changing energies.

After your own chosen lunch restaurant and rest break all in Bali time, you will share an afternoon of expressive activity in the life grid, ‘peaceful life built on purpose program’

Some will have heard of and completed vision boards. The Life Grid expands and goes beyond this modality. A creative expressive process which multiplies the avenues by which a person may seek meaning, clarity, and healing through a finished product, a coffee table book. YOUR Life Grid finished product is something which you can review and reflect on for years to come. The pages stir excitement in your soul by connecting with your life purpose and representing this in full living colour. It is the process of surveying, and building your dream in a symbolic, artistic expression. The Life Grid process, a spiritual activity, utilizes the chakras deepening and transcending this approach yet acknowledges that each person’s process is unique. This modality is symbolic of what you desire and wish to manifest or create. Tapping into your creativity is naturally evoked because it concretely establishes a visual platform of your life’s desires, your life’s blueprint. We journey with this process over several days.

What`s included:

The rooms are incredibly unique

  • Deluxe Rooms: You will indulge, relax, rest, and recharge in your own space. No room sharing here unless you choose to retreat with a friend or request room share (which is not guaranteed, yet we do our best to pair you up with a room buddy if this is your desire) Everything about your room is beautiful
  • Nestled in the tropical gardens, with the scents of exotic plants and trees
  • Your suite consists of, lounge area too with large screen LED TV, mini bar, tea/coffee making facility, safety box, hair dryer, shower, bath and toilet. Fresh bottled water daily. Daily room attendance. Luxury beds to gain full rest and your own balcony to relax in the night breeze.
  • Slippers and robe await you –luxury bath linen and welcome gifts.
  • Your room is air conditioned for total comfort
  • Private airport transfers
  • Your own Luxury suite
  • 10 nights stay in your tropical 5 star retreat oasis – beachfront
  • 10 international cuisine breakfast feasts
  • 7 evening dinners
  • Traditional lunch overlooking paddy fields in a magnificent setting
  • Two days out, exploring different aspects of this stunning island
  • Daily Qi-gong
  • Daily meditations
  • All workshops – beachfront and under relaxing cabanas, poolside
  • Celebratory Balinese evening dinner
  • Shopping trip to indulge in those extras

What`s not included:

  • Return flights
  • Spending money
  • Gifts and extras you may want to purchase along your journey
  • 3 evening dinners
  • Lunches
  • Phone calls
  • Additional nights accommodation, if you require.

You may choose at some point over the course of the retreat to taking part in some of our extra activities to maximise on the intentions you have set for yourself. These are personalised for each participant

  • Change your mind, change your life – immediate mindset shifting
  • Bespoke Meditation
  • Past life regression

So why do we offer extra support?

  • Change your mind, change your life
    A two hour private session which supports the immediate shifts and removes stress around thinking, and provides the ability to rewrite the software of the mind. Releasing outdated beliefs, and rewriting new scripts of thinking for both immediate and long term change is both profound and life changing
  • Bespoke meditation
    The therapeutic potential of meditation for physical and mental well-being is well documented. A Bespoke Meditation is a one on one opportunity to discuss any personal concerns and intentions. Experience highly focused, bespoke support to take you deeper into yourself. These sessions are individually tailored to your own personal needs for you receive maximum benefit from each session and beyond
  • Past/Future Life Regression
    As an accredited Past Life Regression Therapist and Training Provider I offer this technique for personal empowerment, spiritual awakening and exploration of your soul’s journey. Within this session, we will be contacting and communicating with your Higher Self, the Subconscious. The Higher Self will provide access to the most appropriate past or future life or lives and will answer any question you may have about yourself or the life you are now living. Regression therapy assists us to deal with problems from this or past lives. Knowing what happened in a past life can shed tremendous light on our current life. At no time does the subconscious provide information that you do not want revealed. You will receive a letter of introduction detailing the session. I record the session providing you with this audio.This is your time and your greatest opportunity to learn about who you are.

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