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Sacred Retreats are custom crafted luxury retreats with unique themes and are held within the UK and overseas. We bring together people from all sectors, and individuals who are or maybe interested in widening your life experiences.

We offer mindfulness meditations, art and art therapy activities, massage, spa treatments and Qigong manifesting; what is perfect for YOU and letting go of what is no longer serving you. How to manifest your best life incorporating the law of attraction methodologies.

Our emphasis is based on self development of your life, with integrated holistic mindful practices integrated into each individual retreat. Assisting you in making that ‘ shift’ which can truly transform your life. For some, that shift can be truly transformational.

Use this time to slow down and immerse yourself in a fun, healthy and relaxed environment that completely encourages you to connect with your inner child and your highest good. Unique adventures for your body, mind, soul and your Life.


Who knows, it may just change your life for the better.

Past Luxury Retreats…

luxury retreat holidays
luxury retreat holidays

Mindfulness in Santorini

Rest your mind from its constant mental chatter from your own private, beach-front apartment in beautiful Santorini. Immerse yourself in our mindfulness retreat, designed to soothe your soul. Take a break from your busy, hectic life by joining us for a week of mindfulness practices on the sensational island of Santorini.

“Still feeling peaceful and relaxed and full of gratitude to Diane, Glenn and all of the beautiful people I shared this wonderful retreat with. We shared some truly magical experiences and a lot of laughter on this stunning island. I can’t recommend Sacred Bazaar retreats enough. A life-changing experience. Love to you all xxx ”

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luxury retreat holidays
luxury retreat holidays
luxury retreat holidays

Art and Mindfulness Retreat – Santorini


Our Art and Mindfulness retreat allows you to soothe your soul; whilst you treat yourself to a bliss filled week of Art and Mindfulness! You will enjoy beach front living on the ancient, beautiful and mystical island of Santorini.

7 nights tailored for relaxation, sightseeing, Greek culture on the Cyclades, art and mindfulness retreat in sensational Santorini. Absolutely guaranteed to soothe your tired and busy soul.

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Luxury Retreat Holidays

Visualise Your Best Year Yet – Vision Board Retreat Day

30th January 2016

The Vision Board Day Retreat is perfect for those who have big projects and feels that help is needed on pulling it together to Make It Happen or who wants to simply attend for the joy of the gathering and making dreams come alive.

Luxury Retreat Holidays

Holistic Art Afternoons

2016 Dates: Sunday 31st January, Sunday 7th February, Sunday 14th February, Sunday 21st February

Join us for four weeks of holistic art afternoons, connecting you with your holistic creativity. We will teach you the techniques for drawing holistic timepieces, creating artworks you’ll take home and treasure. You will produce your own holistic masterpieces, guided and supported by renowned Yorkshire artist, Glenn Mitchell. Our art afternoon sessions are extremely popular.

Luxury Retreat Holidays

Mindful Mandala WoW Your Mandala

10th April 2016

Learn Design & Create your own & discover what your Mandala say about you

Become Inspired. Did you know, the shape, design & colours you select in creating your mandala, shows more of who your true self really is? And It appears through this creative process, we are able to connect with our intuition and make many useful discoveries about the ‘uncharted’ self.

Luxury Retreat Holidays

Visualise Your Best Year Yet – Spring Vision Board Retreat Day

11th April 2016

It’s time to come out of hibernation and forget the winter blues! It’s still cold but this does not mean that your dreams have to be frozen. A NEW SEASON is a NEW REASON to DREAM. How many of you reading this figured out your goals late last year, ready for them to unfold in early 2016, and still waiting for them to unfold? Your dreams have gone past their start date and it’s just not happening, even worse, you don’t know why!

Luxury Retreat Holidays

Mindful Mandala WoW Your Mandala

17th April 2016

Become Inspired. Let us help you regenerate your creativity in a mindful way.

Yorkshire Artist, Glenn Mitchell,will guide you through the art of making a mandala. part 11 – let him show you how to turn your design into a work of art while you relax deeply while being creative.

Art Retreat

Venue: West Yorkshire

We regularly run art retreats in West Yorkshire – Never picked up a paint brush? Then this retreat is for you! Two wonderful days in your art retreat will give you the confidence to be a painter! You will be guided and shown how to approach the painting process. You will learn to use acrylics with confidence while exploring the basics of composition and colour.

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