Hi, we're Diane and Glenn and this is Our Story...

World Retreats, Art Retreats, Holistic Holidays, Reiki

Hi, I’m Diane Mitchell and welcome to Sacred Bazaar…

I have always held a passion to help and support women in a holistic nature. I provide energy and crystal healing as a master Reiki Practitioner.

Raised in the Heart of Yorkshire, England, youngest of five children. I started working at the age of 12 in a hair salon and worked, weekends, after school and during the holidays.

By the age of 18, I wanted to travel the world but my family thought it a better idea if I stayed put and continued working hard, which I did, by starting my first business at 19 and never looked back.

My drive has always been to make people look good and feel great. This successful formula of my inner drive allowed me to travel to amazing destinations without actually leaving my family. At the age of 35, I sold my business and travelled to Australia where I lived for 15 years with my husband Glenn.

During this time, I created several successful businesses, always related to healing beauty and wellness, with ‘clean’ non carcinogenic products at the forefront of women’s wellness and beauty sectors. Whilst always being aware that ‘people want change on the outside as a result of their changes going on in the inside’.

In 2007, I was given 12 weeks to live and although I knew intuitively my diagnosis was wrong and I would survive, my life, as I knew it completely fell away.  My quest for helping to heal women came about when I supported and facilitated retreats during my time on both coasts of Australia, which lead to the formation of Sacred Bazaar which encompasses: retreats, holistic services and healing treatments.

We decided to return home to the UK in 2014 to reconnect with our families and experience life differently, to that which we had become accustomed. Currently living in north Leeds; I offer individual treatments, and facilitate educational group gatherings, transformational retreats, classes and workshops, some of which encompass law of attraction, your next best life and loss and grief. However, the products and services I share, have allowed me to move and travel around the globe, whilst continuing my practice.

I’m passionate about empowering my clients with a tool kit for life and I say time and time again ‘outer changes always begin within’. My, law of attraction beliefs, have supported many clients to realize their potential through the power of intention. Reiki energy and crystal healing, aligned with meditations, provide sacred space where clients have truly reconnected with themselves at a soul level.


Outer Changes, Always Begin Within.


World Retreats, Art Retreats, Holistic Holidays, Reiki

Hi, I’m Glenn Mitchell and the other half of Sacred Bazaar…

As a self-taught artist, my passion is helping people unlock their ‘gift within’ and teaching them a few things they didn’t know about art and getting creative. Art and Art therapy can and does have a profound effect on people’s lives. I was born in Yorkshire, and fortunate enough, that having lived in regions of Europe and Australia, has widened my life experience beyond belief – and of course provided ‘live’ opportunities to paint some of the most magnificent scenes across this planet.

My passion is painting land and seascapes in high detail. This last year, I developed new techniques I now called ‘Bendy’ – Inspired from a trip to Sydney and an, advancement from scenes from Whitby in Yorkshire which I’ve drawn and painted for years. Since our return to the UK in 2014, my art works are now being exhibited in two galleries in Mirfield and Otley in Yorkshire with lots of interest from the public especially the new ‘Bendy’ Series.

One of my exhibiting Galleries sold one piece within 3 days of it being presented. They said it was the quickest Art sale ever!! All these shifts enhance our lives, and of course the lives of people we connect with both directly and subliminally.

Private commissions of art have brought sheer delight to the hearts and faces of people for whom wanted to bring to life the ‘feelings and memories of time gone by’. I am fortunate to be invited to paint and draw, unique one off pieces, which, always bring me great pleasure.

Our guests on retreats have had amazing experiences, it is humbling to see people allow themselves to ‘unleash’ their talents, memories and evolve during Sacred Retreats. I am looking forward to many more.

My preferred mediums are Pencil and Acrylic Paints. One on One private guided art sessions, are also available. My private art commissions have taken people back to that ‘moment’ – my works are continuously described as looking ‘photographic like’ and have been rejected from art galleries because they seemed too good to not be a photograph! What a compliment to one’s ability. I transform life memories into real paintings, which become family legacies

I also became a masseuse whilst living in Australia. My own healing experiences with massage came from visiting Diane`s wellness center for treatments. I expected to receive relaxing massage and yet experienced the healing benefits for mind and body too, which convinced me to take up massage to administer on others.


Unlock your gift within.


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