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I offer three unique ways of helping people: Facilitating change of mind, instantly. Experiential retreats & host to the Wonderful World of Wellbeing Festival
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Hi, I’m Diane Mitchell and wish you a very warm welcome

I have always held a passion to help and support individuals in a holistic nature. I help people in three unique ways, all of which are connected to wellbeing. Firstly, I facilitate the change of mindset, in holistic mindful ways which help you connect to your source and reach your true potential with my system known as ‘Change your mind, change your life’. Secondly; I present holistic experiential retreats. Thirdly-; I am host to the wonderful world of wellbeing festival.

There are no coincidences, you are here for a reason and look forward to meeting you in person, either through my one to one therapy offerings, you may join a retreat or it maybe we meet through the Wonderful World of Wellbeing festival both for adults & children

Holistic Therapy


My drive is to help individuals overcome limiting beliefs, remove those sabotaging thoughts and uplift your life in natural, meaningful ways. ‘Change your mind – Change your life’ is a mindful holistic approach which supports the ability to re-write the software of the mind and with immediate effects for so many. It is my delight to help you release whatever it is that is holding you back from living your life to its fullest potential, a life you can call your own. Thinking doesn’t have to be that difficult. Applying techniques to free your mind.

Holistic Experiential Retreats                                                                                                                                                               


Please click here: take me to Be In Bali If this is of interest to you, let us connect and have a chat to understand and ensure this is the right fit for you as no one needs to attend a retreat which is not a perfect fit for them.

Wonderful World of Wellbeing Indoor Festival                                                                                                                                       

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Nurturing yourself is essential to your survival as a human being. The Wonderful World of Wellbeing Festival offers you an escape away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and takes you on a journey of self-discovery, personal satisfaction, creativity, healthy mindset, improvements to the physical emotional and spiritual aspect of wellbeing whilst discovering contentment doing so. It’s the perfect way to spend a weekend immersed in wellbeing

What people are saying

“‘Wonderful World of Wellbeing festival’. The title of the event truly summed it up for me, the experience I had at this event, over the two days, was exceptional, very motivating, yet at times emotional, but in a very good way. I feel as though attending this event couldn’t have come, at a more important time in my life, helping to release a lot of what was no longer needed, it has opened many doors, helping me to reconnect with my true self, to move forward with a new vigour and love for life”. Christian J.
Insight into my life journey.

In 2007 I was given 12 weeks to live. Life as I knew it fell away. Instinctively I knew this was not my time to die although the medical findings contradicted my beliefs and intuition. As a result of my own inner dialogue reinforcing my will to live, here I am sharing with you the work I love so much. Mindset is key, it`s a game changer, life doesn’t have to be that difficult in thinking.  My quest has grown during my journey. The opportunity for self-healing has many aspects in natural, holistic ways. With this, I bring together exceptional health & wellbeing providers, create experiences for our visitors to both enjoy and engage in meaningful ways. Experiences are what change lives. Due to this experience, the Wonderful World of Wellbeing Festival was born and you are most welcome to join us either by way of exhibiting your therapies, products or services or come enjoy the wellbeing offerings during our festivals.

Raised in the Heart of Yorkshire, England, youngest of five children. I started working at the age of twelve in a hair salon, commenced my first business at age nineteen and never looked back.

My drive has always been to make people look good and feel great. This successful formula of my inner drive allowed me to travel to amazing destinations without actually leaving my family. At the age of 34, I sold my business and traveled to Australia where I embraced the lifestyle and culture for 16 years

During this time, I created successful businesses, always related to healing beauty and wellness, with ‘clean’ noncarcinogenic products at the forefront of wellness and beauty sectors. Whilst always being aware that ‘people want change on the outside as a result of their changes going on in the inside’.

In 2007, I was given 12 weeks to live and although I knew intuitively the prognosis was not for me and I would survive. Life as I knew it completely fell away. My quest and shift in helping to support and healing others transformed as I began facilitating retreats during my time on both coasts of Australia, this led to the formation of Sacred Bazaar which encompasses: retreats, holistic services, and healing treatments.

Deciding to return home to the UK in 2014, reconnect with my birthland, experience life differently, to that which I had become accustomed. I offer individual treatments and facilitate educational group gatherings, holistic experiential retreats, some of which encompass law of attraction, your next best life, grief & loss facilitator & educator. The works I share enables me to move and travel around the globe, whilst continuing my practice.

I’m passionate about empowering my clients with a toolkit for life and I say time and time again ‘outer changes always begin within’. My, law of attraction beliefs, have supported many clients to realize their potential through the power of intention. ‘Change your mind, change your life’ Reiki, Mindfulness, aligned with meditations, provide sacred space where clients truly reconnect with themselves at a soul level.

Outer Changes, Always Begin Within.


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