Rest, Relax & Restore Mindfully in Mallorca

Rest your mind from its constant mental chatter from your own private residence with lush gardens, private swimming pool, covered patio and lounge areas in beautiful Mallorca.

Immerse yourself in our Mindfulness retreat designed to soothe your soul

Take a break from your busy, hectic life by joining us for a week of Mindful practices on the sensational island of Mallorca

Immerse yourself in our mindfulness retreat, designed to soothe your soul while you Rest Relax & Restore. Take a break from your busy, hectic life by joining us for a week of mindfulness practices on the idyllic island of Mallorca – Share our private gardens with a beautiful pool to dip into and cool down after morning meditation. Lay on the manicured grass and gaze at the stars for evening meditation. And be mindfully relaxed in between. Be you, be at peace, be calm and become centred while you rest your mind from the outer world you will leave behind. Soak up your resting space while your restore to a more awakened yet peaceful YOU.

Santorini Retreat, Worldwide Retreat, Art & Wellness Retreat
Santorini Retreat, Worldwide Retreat, Art & Wellness Retreat

If you answer YES to any of the need to join this retreat.

Santorini Retreat, Worldwide Retreat, Art & Wellness Retreat
  • Feeling Boxed in, stuck or out of sorts
  • Suffering from Lack of expression
  • Desperate to have time to just ‘Be’
  • Craving ‘Timeout’ to let go, Rest and Relax in a safe environment
  • Wanting to reconnect with who you are on a soul level
  • Make new meaningful connections
  • Looking for spiritual transformation in mindful ways?


A Mindful Retreat Will Help You Tap Into Your Authentic Source!

Immersing yourself in complete self care. Imagine beginning your day with deep and meaningful meditations. Setting daily intentions. Modern Mindful practices of various kinds whilst being guided with techniques to relax the mind so it can easily accept both logic and creative balance. Share Mindful gatherings to sooth your soul & enhance your life. This island of beauty, tranquillity and exploration is a stunning idyllic spot for mindful adventures. Whether you are part of a group, an individual looking for a meaningful break or someone who does not wish to be away alone, you will be truly welcomed on our retreat.

Join us as we immerse ourselves in daily mindful gatherings tailored specifically for personal wellbeing, self-discovery and harmony

Why join us in Mallorca?

This mindfulness retreat is, quite simply, sheer bliss: essential if you are looking for a short, yet beautiful, break away from your everyday life. The retreat is focussed on calming and clearing the mental chatter of our daily existence, away from the stresses and thoughts that clutter our minds.

Rest, Relax & Restore balance and harmony to the mind body & spirit

We take a bespoke, specialised approach to our retreats, providing a dedicated, sacred space for you to simply ‘BE’ and ‘BEcome’ at one with whom you truly are.

Our methods are modern and easy to follow, accessible, relaxed – ensuring optimal benefit for wellbeing. By giving yourself – and your soul – the time you need to stop, be still and restore, you will be part of something truly special. Join us in Mallorca, and let us show you how to clear time, space and mental chatter through meditation, mindful & creative practices as well as the choice to add holistic therapies to your cupcake of self kindness.

Whether you are seeking relaxation, wishing to learn how to enjoy mindfulness in your life, you will be truly welcomed and included on retreat. You will meet some wonderful people, benefit from sharing circles, make solid connections, and gather experiences that can change your life.

What will you explore and nurture whilst on retreat?

The Soul

Mindfulness lies within. To feel it, you must experience it. Mindfulness is a mind-body experience. It is a state of being that allows your mind to go quiet; only then can you truly start to rest your mind from the constant mental chatter, allowing you to enjoy living with greater ease. Mindfulness helps provide head space allowing access to your creativity which when both sides of the brain are functioning in harmony can truly widen your life experiences.

The Mind

Reducing the mind’s clutter makes space for fresh approaches to your wellbeing, helping you to change the way you think about your daily experiences. Research shows mindfulness can be extremely effective in reducing both stress and anxiety. Your session workshops will be fluid in format, allowing for the natural and responsive changes that enable you to truly go with the ‘flow’. You will be carefully guided, and fully supported, during all of our sessions, helping you to continue to develop your inner peace

The Body

Our practices have allowed many individuals to find increased self-awareness through the re-focus of their physical being. Yoga session can be an addition to your daily sessions. The unification of mind and body uniquely promotes inner calm

Quite simply, this is sheer bliss...

Utterly essential for those looking for a short and yet, beautiful, break away from their every day
Santorini Retreat, Worldwide Retreat, Art & Wellness Retreat
Santorini Retreat, Worldwide Retreat, Art & Wellness Retreat

Why Mallorca?

An island of exceptional beauty, culture and tranquillity, it is close to the UK and easy access from Europe and the Spanish mainland so you can feel at peace quickly in your new environment without having to travel far and wide.

Whilst on the retreat, you may choose to simply ‘BE’, sharing meditations to sooth your soul, body relaxing techniques and inspiring mindful practices.

As part of your personalised retreat, you are situated 0.5k from local Restaurants, shops only short walking distance to the local Marina where you can sit and watch the world go by – in a mindful way of course and only minutes further to the beautiful & pretty sandy cove beaches with turquoise waters and attractive surrounding countryside, all within walking distance of our idyllic private luxury retreat villa situated on this beautiful Balearic Island.

However, beyond the shops, you will have the opportunity to explore many different areas of the island, taste the wonderful cuisine, enjoy guilt-free wine, and mingle amongst the friendly local people.

Before you join us on our retreat, let us share a little more of the magic.

What's Included in your 7 night Mindfulness Retreat...

  • Welcome gathering & celebratory dinner
  • Luxury private villa accommodation 7 nights
  • 7 continental Breakfasts
  • Daily Meditations & Mindful Practices
  • Sharing Circles
  • Creative Workshops
  • Equipment for mindful activities
  • Personalised guidance within each session, designed to unfold your personal creativity
  • Final evening celebratory dinner
  • Five evenings of free time to experience your own chosen restaurants for dinner

Keep In Mind

The actual schedule of teachings and what we will be doing day to day is not published so we can be ‘in the moment’. Each day will be a magical experience for us all, so keep your mind and heart open to what life has to offer every day. Any unseen obstacles may cause us to make changes to our itinerary.

On this retreat, our intent is to create Sacred Space where we can learn & share in the group for the purpose of deepening our mindful awareness & connections with self and others.

Optional extras

Optional extra remedial and holistic therapies are not limited to: massage, reflexology, 1 to 1 private therapy ‘Rewriting Limiting Beliefs’ and lots more…

What will you contribute?

  • Your own lunch’s and drink expenses
  • The cost of any personal phone calls and services, and souvenir shopping
  • Your roundtrip flights (or boat trips, for those slightly more adventurous!)
  • Insurance: personal, medical and trip cancellation
  • Medical expenses
  • Visa expenses
  • Five evening dinners


Most importantly, you will bring a sense of willingness: giving yourself permission and freedom to enjoy this magnificent mindfulness retreat.

Please call Diane on 075227 60068 or email your contact phone number to and we will call you. We will help you ensure if this retreat is the right fit for you. To book your place, complete the application form here and email it to:

Application Form

Cancellation Policy

Completing your application form does not guarantee acceptance onto the retreat. Payment method will be allocated upon acceptance of the retreat.

How much is the cost?

Based on twin share

Early Bird price available until 30th June 2016 of £679

1st July onwards: £797

Single Supplement: £175

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