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Welcome to Sacred Bazaar

Sacred Bazaar offers unique adventures for your body, mind, soul and your life.

Founded to provide UK and Worldwide retreats, beauty, wellness and healing to individuals and groups to engage in looking good and feeling great from the inside out.

We hope you enjoy exploring the uniqueness of Sacred Bazaar, we’re here to help restore yourself from the hype of life; no matter where in the world you are.

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Sacred Retreats

UK and Worldwide Retreats

Sacred Retreats are custom crafted retreats with unique themes and in wonderful locations. Our emphasis is based on your mindfulness and wellbeing, self discovery and art for beginners though to advanced levels. Other integrated offerings include yoga, qigong, self development, spiritual and cooking. We’re passionate about helping you look for new life experiences and in making that ‘shift’ which can truly transform your life.

Who knows, it may just change your life for the better.

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Wellness & Beauty

UK and Worldwide Retreats

If you would like to live young, then you’re in the right place. Our specific beauty treatments and products reduce the ageing process of the mind, body and skin. You will be advised and guided according to your needs and depending on the treatment, product or service, the results can be instant; whilst others can take a few days to respond. Our range of supplements rewind, recharge and renew the ageing process at cellular level helping to combat and fight disease.

Living younger inside and out.

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Holistic Therapies

UK and Worldwide Retreats

Our holistic services promote healing at all levels; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. All of Sacred Bazaar’s holistic therapies compliment holistic healing that can benefit your mind and body for years to come.  All healing is a return of self-love; let us help you dismantle your limiting beliefs, stretch your mind and relax your body. We guide you through your journey, identifying which holistic therapy will align with your needs.

We believe that ‘outer changes always begin within’.

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